Quality & Environment


We put quality in the highest focus and is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Our quality policy:

We must be an attractive supplier in mainly machining.
We must meet our customers’ requirements and expectations, so that we can create long-term good relationship with our customers.
We must through continuous improvement of the business and employee commitment, competence, flexibility and responsibility to deliver:

Certificate ISO 9001:2015


Our environmental policy:

Boggs Mekaniska AB provides machining services that meet customer demands and expectations and regulatory requirements in terms of environmental impact.
By making continuous improvements, preventative activities, informed staff, training will reduce environmental impact.

The company’s aim is to improve and monitor the following areas from an environmental perspective:


work to reduce or replace the use of environmentally harmful substances


reducing waste to landfill through recycling and reuse


monitor the consumption of electricity and district heating – to see trends over time.