Our expertise and modern technology – Your safety!

We have since 2003 only focused on contract manufacturing for creating a competitive Swedish industry. Our resources are in cnc-turning with total responsibility for the detail with respect to any additional requirements such as heat treatment, surface treatment and assembly. We have a good degree of automation, which means we are effective on medium to large series. We lathes details from Ø3-150mm in diameter.

We work with modern machines cnc turning and sliding head technology. We can process most materials, steel in various grades, brass and aluminum. We use modern MRP and CAD / CAM software.

Our customers are in industries like offshore, automotive and the electronics area where high precision and reliability of supply is a must.

We are located in Mora, the heart of Dalarna, central Sweden. Do you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Robotsvarvning och CNC-svarvar

Contacts at Boggs Automation AB

Martin Bogg

 Phone: 076-1007099

Lennart Andersson

 Phone: +46761005300

Peter Skoglund
Production mangager

 Phone: +46761001977